STB-38CNC-4A-3S Mandrel Tube Bending Machine Three-Stack Tooling

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1. Bend-arm (C-axis) by AC servomotor.
2. Clamp die by hydraulic; pressure die by hydraulic.
3. Carriage (Y-axis) by AC servomotor.
4. With rear booster driven by AC servomotor.
5. Collets (B-axis): rotation by AC servomotor, grip by hydraulic.
6. With roll bending function (PUSH BENDING), can make big radius by rolling.
7. Tooling shift : motion up-down by hydraulic, left-right by AC servomotor.
8. Automatic moving parts lubrication.
9. Anticipated mandrel retraction unit.
10. Standing pedestal, serves emergency stop and remote control.
11. Industrial PC (windows system) assorted with touch screen display, 3D preview, remote control.
12. Optional: 3D bending simulation, collision prevention.
13. Optional: auto loading and unloading system.
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