SWB-15CNC-LR-AL Auto Loading Wire Bending Machine

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Auto loading and unloading system provides the operation almost without manpower. The machine can do the rods and even tube bending. 3-axis servo ensures the accuracy of the process. Welcome to inquire more details from STM.

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1. Fully automatic and CNC wire and tube bending machine;
2. Equipped with 3 programmable axis with left and right bending, can avoid most of interference;
3. Feeding: servomotor drive with the reducer and the ball screw; Rotation: servomotor drive with reducer (the servomotor from Mitsubishi);
4. Bending: Servomotor bending with reducer;
5. Imported pneumatic system and Mitsubishi PLC unit;
6. Hybrid hydraulic system ensures the push bending clamping firmly enough;
7. Self-diagnostic system and warn the danger immediately;
8. Multiple groups pipe-bending information storage;
9. Touch screen system and human/machine interface control provide user friendly operations;
10. Electric cabinet cooling fan and the hydraulic cooling system ensure the equipment long-time work stably under the high temperature.
11. Automatic robot hand for loading and unloading, can save the manpower a lot!
Parameters STB-15CNC-LR-AL
Bending capability Max Φ15×1. 5mm (steel tubes)
Max Φ12mm (steel rods, iron bars)
Bending radius 5~25 mm
Bending angle 0~195°
Max clip pipe length 750 mm
Pipe length available for auto loading 700 mm
Bending speed 280°/sec
Bending accuracy ±0.1°
Feeding speed 1000 mm/sec
Feeding accuracy ±0.1 mm
Rotating speed 720°/sec
Rotating accuracy ±0.1°
Rotating motor power 150W
Feeding motor power 750W
Bending motor power 1500W
System hydraulic pressure 4Mpa
System pneumatic pressure 0.8Mpa
Size 2400×1600×1500mm
Weight 750kg

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